Here WE ARE HERE FOR CHANGE“Everything is always created twice, first in mind and then in reality”. We are a group of students with enormous dreams trying to make them come true.The dream to bring change in the form of complete development so we named ourselves “Here is the change Trust”.We contribute our pocket money and invest it for good causes and we are glad that we are doing it.


The rigidity of the base is of profound importance for a good construction. Primary education need enrichment for huge development. To spread quality education with a sanctity of interest in student is a must. Health awareness needs boom for improvement in standard and lifestyle.


The Here is the change Trust envisions a community that works together to provide the essential foundations to enable children to achieve their full potential.

Education: It is most important among all of us. It is what which makes you human, Which makes you complete. It transforms you to live a better life in a social well being. It teaches you the art of living, Makes you a right thinker and a correct decision maker. I mean to say education makes you complete. It promotes awareness towards anything, strengthens you to fight and struggle in difficulties of life. It teaches you to face not to flee from the problem. It helps you to determine what is good and what is bad for you.

But does it really happen in our life? Do we equally benefit? I doubt. Qualities which you get through education depend upon the hardships which you go through your learning phase. It is said hardships teach you hard lessons. So it totally depends on you whether you want to learn or not.
Education which everyone wants to gain ….sorry but in today’s era of this cut-throat competition, unfortunately everyone is running before it to buy it by hook or crook.
Therefore, a small initiative by our team after giving a considerable thought on it to help those hidden talents which have neither a proper opportunities or platform nor money to buy it, is established. Our team has initiated to just become a medium to transform their lives.
So, we are working hard to present a platform which will help any child to get sponsor for their education.
We need a small support as individual basis from your sides


Quasib Raza



Sheikh Md Azimuddin Siddiqi

Secretary of Manav vikas Kalyan Samiti


Md Anamullah



Parwaiz Alam

Fundraising Manager


MD Mokarram Hussain



Tufail safdar


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